January 2017 - January 2018

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Preface: (Feb. 2017)

       Who didn’t already know about Donald John Trump? (a.k.a. John Barron, John Miller, David Dennison)  From day one, he was always a business shyster, a lady’s con-man, a poser-faker.  Anyone at all aware of pop culture or real estate or television from the mid-1980’s onward could see that much about Trump for themselves... (click to read)


      If very little anymore holds actual Truth, why should Republican zealots -- or any of us for that matter -- show respectfulness to it?  Trump’s truth is whatever he makes it to be.  And this kind of Trumpian-belief-system eerily parallels the pugilism of Christian evangelistic fealty... (click to read)


     I began this project by purposefully recording the first TV broadcasts of Trump’s funereal inaugural events.  Then the next day, I recorded Sean Spicer lying about crowd size during his first press briefing, and on it went.  Every day would bring a half dozen more media events... (click to read)


       There are only two things in my life that continuously give to me without any invitation: The Sun and my home television screen.  The difference between the two, however, is that my TV always carries with it an ‘expectation of return’.  This notion fuels much of my cultural farming practice: video appropriation and (C)ritical remix.  I must return in kind what I have collected in kind... for I cannot benefit from what cannot be used, expended or returned... (click to read)


      The scope of this project clearly broaches Porn as well as Dirty Don.  But for me here and now, I am most interested in measuring Lil’D and his administration... pornography, not so much.  Yes, I am not a woman, I’m a man.  And indisputably, men hold more than equal burden when considering both the obscene and the political.  So while I surely tread on much sacred ground here, this project remains purely experimental...

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      Few scholars can afford to research taboo or politically charged topics.  Trying to broach teaching-moments like pornography or a fascist Republican Party, even in a graduate communications classroom, will most likely forfeit university support... Any intellectual provocateur is now little more than a dangerous pariah... (click to read)

Postscript: (Feb. 2018)

      In the Preface section, at top, I listed four critical facts which would underscore this entire project.  Now, one year later, this research more than illuminates my hypotheses...

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       Every time this project gets rejected, I intuited, it could be an indication of a kind of vitality -- that is to say, as something even too transgressive for open-free-thinking-film-festival-goers to consider.  Because this is what is necessary for countering the immensity of sacrilege Trump invokes...







An American

resident of Canada, experimenting with new forms of critical media ethnography in Cultural Farming.

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Intro: The Dirty Presidency

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