19 June, 2022

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  24 January 2018

      The visual portion of this Cultural Farming ethnographic project, below in 400 individual videos, was finalized on 20 January 2018, exactly one year after its initial launch.  A written accompaniment is located HERE.

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King Don-John Trump

   project trailerhttp://www.peeptv.ca/Video/TrumpTrailer30.mp4http://www.peeptv.ca/Video/TrumpTrailer30.mp4shapeimage_2_link_0

AUTHOR’S NOTE -  21 January 2018:

     It has now been one full year since I began this dirty project.  I am exhausted.  It is a good time to call it quits.  I’ve decided that I have collected a fair share of empirical material.  No need to continue.  My hypothesis and experiment now prove to be veracious, both in theory and in practice: ANSWERS

      I am witnessing slow-motion Tyranny play out on my TV screen.  Trump is a bully, liar, cheater, hater, and most likely a rapist.  No, I take that back; he is a rapist.  The Republican majority are his enablers.  All will deny wrong doing, and all will claim victory, even in every defeat.  So an important question: Why isn’t everyone in this country screaming to high-heaven about this fraudulence?


      Trump will pervert anything to “win” regardless of collateral damage, because he is a pervert.  He is the antichrist incarnate, pornographer extraordinaire.  And in this upside-down world, where Truth is fake and the rich must always prosper first and foremost, Trump must look like the perfect messiah to other perverts.  Indeed, this country has never been so ill-educated.  Until we smarten up, I see no other course except downward.  And tele-visual media will, of course, be the accelerant (weapon) of choice for all sides. 

     And if this is so, and if cameras really are guns, and if screens really are liars, and if Trump really is media-made...well...then Trump can be UN-made just as surely with these same weapons and tactics.  Cultural Farming’s intellectual-intervention is crucial, but it will not result in lives saved.  The same number of us are destined to “die” in this unconventional war.  But a double-victory is attainable.  We can eternally humiliate Trumpism, and we can gain some critical media literacy along the way.  We can support a healthy (C)ritical media iconoclasm: Cultural Farming.

      Indeed, this project is about many things.  Yes, Trumpism is a sickness, a lie, a virus, a cancer, a puss-filled tumor.  Contemporary mediamongering and cheap-evangelism, however, continue to flank Trump like rooks on a chess board.  Trump is emphatically empowered and fortified by both, and also by all of us.  In true consensual hegemonic fashion (Gramsci), we’ve built a worldwide mechanical Tower of Babel -- and if you remember your childhood Sunday school lessons, that story ends badly. 

      Darkness and pain is poised to roll across this country in ways now unimaginable.  I fear the coming destructions will boggle the mind.  But then, maybe my entire fallacy is wrong.  Regardless, learn your camera/guns.  Learn how to aim, shoot, take, capture, kill, harvest: remix and repost.  It is survival of the fittest from here onward...we’ve only begun to mis-record the first casualties.

                    A written accompaniment is located HERE.




An American

resident of Canada, experimenting with surreal forms of critical media ethnography in Cultural Farming.