Few scholars can afford to research taboo or politically charged topics.  Trying to broach teaching-moments like pornography or a fascist Republican Party, even in a graduate communications classroom, will most likely forfeit university support.  Students, parents and cohort will most likely complain.  Tenure, funding and publication potential will most likely falter under the heavy weight of social suspicion.  Any intellectual provocateur is now little more than a dangerous pariah.

      Too many life-topics simply cannot be openly considered anywhere by anyone.  And if attempted, each must be qualified feebly, superficially: “kind of, sort of literally, pretty unprecedented, probably maybe, more or less, perhaps a little bit, and like everything else, uh, you know...SURREAL.”  And so, few ethnographers can afford to truly “tell it like it is.”  Amateur thinkers who do stand up stand apart, stigmatized.  Nobody gets a doctorate without first swallowing the indoctrination.

      Luckily, I do not suffer this.  I am already alone with little left to lose.  I have no discernible audience.  I am free to say what I say.  I am unaffiliated, unfunded, and unsupported.  I do the research I want to
do, the way I want to do it; completely by myself.  To the reader, this may appear to be more cavalier than liberating.  In fact, it is neither.  A large number of my videos have never been viewed by anyone but me.  Indeed, even my wife finds it difficult to view much of this work.  I have never once held any kind of full-throated discussion with anyone ever about any of my video projects since 2003 when I first began imaging the “diagonal ” practice and theory of Cultural Farming. 

      Still, I keep working.  I ply theory, read philosophy and practice television every single day even while most of my cohort find my research to be untouchable.  Not only is Cultural Farming ignored, my work has been intentionally suppressed on the internet since 2005.  Algorithms and their makers often behave that way.  Hence, folks may not find my work even if they look for it.  Yet according to ancestral potlatch practice, I am obliged to give back the over-abundance of all I have hunted, gathered, grown, cultivated, harvested, built ...produced.  I’ve accumulated a lot, and so I am obliged to expend my excesses. “As far as the eye can see.”

     Beyond my apparent freedoms, however, this dirty first year of King Don-John Trump has aged me 5 years.  My wife sees it on my face.  I doubt I am alone in this deflating sensation.   Moreover, at almost 65 years of age, I find it physically difficult to sit in an old task chair, 12 hours each day, swimming inside very ugly media content.  This work has literally cramped my innards.  I have a CAT scan to prove it.  I’ve felt my knees and spine scream out loud.  But I have also learned so very much by farming culture through these

acts of closely looking, listening, editing and producing responses to my world, by critically refunctioning its own audio/visual techne.

      In plain sight, our fraudulent president is looting our most sacred cultural promises.  Trump is demolishing our constitution and our democracy... he is inverting Reality...doubling Reality.
  And we all seem to be cool with that, because we increasingly agree that the Reality we live in now sucks... just like the pornography in this project.

      The Grand Old Party is terminally ill, overcome by evangelical pathogens.  Puss filled tumors, oozing of Mother Russia, now grow inside every vital organ.  These people will stop at nothing to keep their thumbs on the scales of democracy.  It makes me cry.  It makes me wretch.  Yet this medieval cancer sweeping across Republican conservatism continues to advance like swarming un-dead zombies.  Give these priapic “stooges’ an inch and they always take a mile.  Sadists lust over this.  Cilice and Discipline.

      Historically, of course, socio-political abnormalities often arise along with introductions of new communicational technologies.  Today is no different.  Again, I read our contemporary abnormalities this way: Cameras are guns, screens are liars, and normative notions of media are leading us towards death.  I write this as Russia continues to attack the U.S. using our own technological weapons/tools/toys:

                        WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!

...or put another way:

                        THIS IS AN ACT OF WAR!!

      It’s all happening right now on American soil, yet Trump, his administration and his republican party simply look the other way without shame.  Their fever dreams (beliefs) always ‘trump’ facts.  Indeed, we have forgotten how to respond to Tyranny's creep -- for every parasite, toady, sycophant, leech, sponge, obsequious self-seeker and hypocritical believer is but another step towards sinful despotism.

     “This is what we believe!”  What can kill righteous perversion like Dominionism?  Vote on it, even take it through the Supreme Court, nothing matters to hypocritical zombie-zealots.  For there can be no middle ground when belief always supersedes logic.  There is no such thing anymore as GOP family values, or moral majority, or Tea Party patriots.  “White Conservatism” is pledging a global alliance against the Other, in all its forms. 
Republicans now resemble ISIS religionists perseverating on twisted, delusional suicidal missions.  “The bible tells us to love Trump and The Unborn.  God’s will...Allahu Akbar.”  No one today can even suggest that Jesus --who was both a beggar and a teacher-- was practicing proto-socialism.  Yet, Jesus would be the very first to denounce these fabulist perverts.

      I entirely reject every perverse notion of Trump‘s maniacal ‘divine providence’.  Republican Party Zombies archived throughout this project care little for rules of law or Democracy; they serve only their perverted self-serving god-interests.  And they seemingly never die -- vampires -- forever vandalizing historical morality.  These people are not true Americans.  They should repulse akin to Rev. Jim Jones, Larry Nassar, Lee Harvey Oswald, Joseph McCarthy, Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr.  Rules, Laws, Norms and Commandments mean nothing to people like these.  In return, no amount of re-mediation should ever re-write their ignominy -- exactly as no amount of media within hyper-capitalism can ever reclaim a national moral compass.

   Trump is treasonous; a term which means he has committed a high crime against America, which can be punishable by death.  As such, treason is not a punchline for parody or TV production; for these are too often symptoms of treason’s creep.  Instead, this project examines Trump’s government for exactly what it is by comparatively replicating its perversion four hundred times during this first fraudulent year. 

     But the Trump shit-show I render here is only just beginning.  Old fictional remedies no longer work: garlic, wooden stakes, silver bullets, holy water, crucifixes, etc.  (Maybe ‘mirrors’ will work?)  These Republican blood-sucking zombies never die; they eternally advance.  These devolving forms of metastatic vigilantism will only worsen.  I fear America hasn’t begun to understand this nightmare scenario.  This makes me very nervous about tomorrow, about the next 365 days.  As long as Trump remains president, our country is not safe.  Will I live to see the worm of liberal democratic justice turn?   History indicates otherwise.  Why do we refuse to see this?

     Trumpism is an aggressive, toxic, invasive species now advancing throughout all of American culture.  There are a host of  other perverse toxins also filtering throughout our culture like cameras, guns, pornography, plastic, and television.  These also beg critical-iconoclastic methods. 
 Will we collectively come 
to honor the necessary boundaries of free speech required for 
Truth’s identification?
What’s to be done?  Must we tolerate every form of freedom, no matter how offensive and dangerous?  Will we collectively come to honor our necessary boundaries of free speech required for Truth’s identification?  But then, how do we even speak about ‘proper boundaries’ today?  And importantly, where will an increasingly uneducated populace draw their lines of obedience tomorrow?

     It takes honest, hard, repetitive work to healthily farm culture.  But it is worth the effort.  Because I truly doubt Trump’s toxins can withstand the inoculation of (C)ritical practice and the theory of ethical Cultural Farming methods. “This Machine Kills Fascists.”  Indeed, “we make our tools, and thereafter, our tools make us.”  So lay down your falsifying objectifying technologies -- guns, cameras, screens -- and experience peace right here on this pretty, super-high-fidelity planet.  Promote disarmament, my friends!  But the question remains: Will we?

    Trump has played president for one entire year now.  It should be more than evident that he dirties everything he touches.   His un-empathetic reptilian brain will be of little help during any real future crisis.  And a major crisis will surely come to America.  Yet, we can see him beginning to flex more, bursting the restrictive leashes of history, party, administration, staff, and the Constitution.  His dirty words and deeds are fully apparent, yet they are beginning to stick, and this should unite us all in resistance.  But instead, we are now pitted against each other in a vicious media battle.  Today, in January 2018, I hear no one screaming about democracy.  It’s purely believers versus thinkers, fake versus fact, promises versus historical human experience.

     As of this writing, and fortunately for America, Trump’s malevolence is often reined by the magnitude of his ignorance of democratic processes.  But what will tomorrow bring?  For Trump is proving to be worse than a fraudulent president, he is a traitor to America’s constitution, to America’s spirit.  His self-serving behavior has duly earned this humiliating shame-pole video project.  Again, this dirty president and his administration lie, cheat, steal and rape.  Hence, there is no need for any garden-variety slut-shaming, so commonly found throughout media today; those methods only cheapen shame’s power.  Trump and his debased base must be forcefully and indelibly checked for eternity.  If not, many Americans will surely needlessly die.

      I have expended one entire year of my life building this experimental project.  Through it, I have gained certain perspectives from which I may now retell the story.  So with this project, I now commit the word “trump” to invoke perversion -- hate, greed, misogyny, racism, excess -- for time immemorial.  The name Trump shall forever signify a “shit-hole” filled with American lies... stained forever across the open cesspool of our American mind.  He is an extreme vessel for a perverted christian zionist theology, and all those who support him in this perverted belief-cult will entirely share this infamy.  So I now publicly broadcast: “Donald John Trump and his organization lie, cheat, rob and rape. Benedict Donald  will be doomed to legions of Americans pissing on his grave throughout eternity -- the ever-lasting horror of his perverse Trump Legacy.

     This may be America’s most shameful moment, which I fear is poised to get worse, for hate-speech begets hate-acts, ad infinitum.  (Read: Now successful, why wouldn’t Russia be emboldened to strike the U.S. again even harder.)  Still, the show must go on, so why not unleash the hounds too, right?  How else can mere humans manifest biblical prophesy?  NRA members know what I am talking about here.  We are on the precipice of a deadly language war for truth.  And it will be dually fought using every technological forked-tongue today’s digital-serpent’s can provide. 

     In the end, if there ever can be an ending, the Un-real may well supplant Reality.  Money may triumph over Morals.  Justice may indeed succumb to the jaundice of Power.  But this new perverse “Tower of Babel” we are fully embracing is more than under construction.  It’s fully operational now.  “MEDIA TRUTH WARS” are eviscerating every reality we’ve come to know and cherish. 


      While human memory is being crushed, Trump is but the most visible symptom of this stochastic terrorism.  The time has come for every citizen to choose their smartest weapons, because this Real World War is both licensed and launching right here on American soil.  And a lot of people are going to get hurt.  I am old enough to remember some world history, that everything Hitler did was ‘legal’ under (his) German law.  And so I wonder now, as I write this: Can my brain stop a bullet?  Because this war has already begun.  We are already casualties, and I fear you don’t even know.

“The sense of a catastrophe perpetually invoked and avoided creates a rapture in whose depths horror and pleasure coincide...”

Michel Leiris, 1963, p.38






An American

resident of Canada, experimenting with new forms of critical media ethnography in Cultural Farming.


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