Postscript:  (Feb. 2018)

       In the Preface section, at top, I listed four critical facts which would underscore this entire project.  Now, one year later, this research more than illuminates my Trump hypotheses: 

  1. 1.Indeed, Russia and many others -- even Americans -- continue to openly attack our country with no punitive response from the Republican Party.  This will only worsen.

  2. 2.Trump, continuing to believe he is a King, remains humanly unfit to uphold the Constitution and lead the United States.  This will only worsen.

  3. 3.A new perverse form of righteous evangelical bile is deepening, and it is cross-pollinating with many other toxicants.  This will only worsen.

  4. 4.We continue to knowingly fuel our most dire predicaments inside the machinations and misunderstandings of media.   And that our ignorant normative notions of “THE Media” are literally leading us into further atomization (death).  This will only worsen.

And here I would add a fifth point:

  1. 5.We must learn to how to wrestle mechanical communication technologies into doing our bidding.  This project --Critical Media Ethnography -- employs historical methods of archival, observation, appropriation, layering, cut/paste and dissolve, which are robust tools of intellectual iconoclasm (dialectical montage), and which must become universally accepted as vital means for publicly combating mendacious media production.  This must be taught-and-learnt soon, or else...


      Yes, this project is over, but today is also Ground Hog’s Day, day 378 of this Dirty Presidency.  We are indeed drifting into a Hobbesian State of Nature: War of every man against every man. Both TV-news and Punxsutawney Phil are saying to expect at least six more weeks of winter.  So I am obliged to continue my media potlatch, and to continue planting more trees, because the Sun continues to give to me... and sunlight is the final disinfectant.  You should do this too.  It’s for your own well being.  For there is no better earth than Earth, no better life than Life, no better experience than Human experience.

     But truly, when all considered, I am left with a sense of profound bottomless loss, unbearable guilt, and fierce resentment toward those now in power who didn’t do what was necessary to ward off these stoppable calamities. (Americans!)   How were we led to this predicament of historical amnesia? (Media!)  What is to come of the rule of law? (Autocracy!)  What have we already lost forever?(Truth!)  Why do we continue down this horrific lethal path of ignorant bliss? (Hypnosis!)  What more could I have done to help stem this rising tide? (Resistance!)   Why keep asking these questions? (Survival!)

     I so wish I hadn’t needed to make this project.  I so wish that I could be doing more to stop this man from making our world worse.  Videos, at best, can only illustrate; and videos can only illustrate if there is an audience.  I have none.  It is up to others now to resist with even more (C)ritical (theory) methods.

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                     NOTE: 16 January 2019  (End of year two - day 726)

                                           TV Surrealism

                       NOTE: 24 March 2019  (Mueller Report - day 793)

                                     Crime?  Exoneration?

                            NOTE: 29 April 2019  (10,000 Lies - day 828)

                                 False and misleading claims.

                   NOTE: 29 May 2019  (Robert Mueller speaks - day 859)

                         Read the Report: Russia attacked U.S.

                  NOTE: 15 August 2019  (12,000 Lies - day 928)

                                 False and misleading claims.

             NOTE: 26 September 2019  (Pelosi & Ukraine - day 979)

                                Impeachment inquiry proceeds.

              NOTE: 13 November 2019  (Hearings begin - day 1026)

                        Presidential impeachment hearings begin.

      NOTE: 10 December 2019  (Articles of Impeachment - day 1053)

                      House announces Articles of Impeachment.

              NOTE: 15 December 2019  (15,431 Lies - day 1059)

                                 False and misleading claims.

               NOTE: February - April 2020  (CoVid-19 Response)

                          Trump denies Coronavirus 44 times.

                     NOTE:  27 May 2020  (CoVid-19 - day 1221)

                                   100,000 Americans dead.

                  NOTE: 1 June 2020  (19,127 Lies - day 1226)

                               False and misleading claims.

             NOTE: 20 July 2020  (Cognitive Verification - day 1278)

                            Person Woman Man Camera TV

                   NOTE: 29 July 2020  (Milestone - day 1287)

                                 150,000 Americans dead.

                NOTE: 21 September 2020  (Milestone - day 1341)

                                 200,000 Americans dead.

                    NOTE: 1 October 2020  (Karma - day 1351)

                           Trump tests positive for CoViD-19.

                 NOTE: 3 November 2020  (Vote Day - day 1385)

                                   “I WON THE ELECTION.”

               NOTE: 13 November 2020  (Results Day - day 1395)

                           30,500 false and misleading claims

          NOTE: 6 January 2021  (Certification Day - day 1446)

                      Trump Incites Insurrection Against USA

      NOTE: 13 January 2021  (Articles of Impeachment - day 1453)

                 House announces 2nd Articles of Impeachment.

                  NOTE: 20 January 2021  (Inaugural - day 1460)

                                  400,000 Americans dead.






An American

resident of Canada, experimenting with new forms of critical media ethnography in Cultural Farming.

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    Intro: The Dirty Presidency

                            January 2017 - January 2018

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