AUTHOR’S NOTE -  8 November 2017:

     Today is exactly one year since the 2016 election.  King Don-John Trump has been the fraudulent President of the United States for 291 days.  In this website, during this time, I have built 300 humiliating comparative videos.  The work is not getting easier.  Indeed, this project continues to deeply disturb me -- for the lies, hate and criminality inside this Christianist administration continue to spew. 

      It is clear to me now that this project is about indecency, hypocrisy and reciprocation -- and our responsibility as citizens to call out this Republican Party through equal acts of critical comparison.  Who knew pornographic indecency could afford an appropriate vehicle for accurate media comparison and moral redemption?  Hopefully there may come a day when opposite comparisons are equally employed...when all pornography is no longer accepted and enabled, but instead understood as violent representations of power by some humans against every other human being.  This is the true meaning of ‘mediamonger’, which must also include its enablers: those holding the cameras, pushing the buttons, and profiting off the exploitation.  This is always my project.

      I resist this fraudulent president because his most every word and deed are proven self-serving lies.  I journal his actions here to help clarify and define my own individuality.  It seizes my attention, affords my freedom, enjoins my tolerance, enlarges my perspectives.  It energizes and gives me hope and courage throughout every mediated day.  I do this because to listen and understand, to question and disagree, to treat no proposition as sacred and no objection as impious are the healthy habits of an open mind. 

      Sustaining liberal democracy requires liberally educated people. This much, at least, should not be controversial.  However, for free societies to function, the idea of open-mindedness can’t simply be a catchphrase or a dogma; it needs to be a personal habit.  We must be willing to entertain and understand unpopular ideas while cultivating equally critical responses. 

      Why, you ask?  Because the world is rapidly turning upside down right before our eyes.  Natural polarities are rapidly slipping into newly polarizing binary worlds.  We have falsified accepted common baselines of factuality.  Apostle = Apostate.  Indeed, we now see the righteous GOP regime supporting liars and rapists, electing enemy sympathizers, corrupting education and religion, perverting our country’s Constitution, even eagerly voting to increase deficits!  New methods of understanding and new measures for resistance must be employed.  This is my goal.

      And so I continue this indecent humiliation; even though I remain the only person, to my knowledge, willing or able to ‘read’ these videos as the equal-critical-comparative responses they are.  But then this is the age of protected feelings purchased at the cost of permanent infantilization.  Who among us is grown-up enough to understand television...let alone pornography...let alone Trump?

      Fiction must never be allowed to stand as fact.  For it is how Trump and Dominionists retain their fraudulent power.  Indeed, the rules of the game have changed.  Cameras are guns.  Screens are liars.  And normative ideas about THE-media lead us towards death.  And so I must resist every new crime against Nature, by any means necessary... particularly through critical acts of Symbolic Exchange.












Sam Clovis  (1:00)                          310












Extermination  (3:00)                    320












Corey & Bosse  (7:30)                     330












Space Fever (7:45)                        340










Moral Shame  (8:55)                      350











                            A written accompaniment is located HERE.


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King Don-John Trump

  The dirty presidency:  A contemporaneous memorialization

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                         A written accompaniment is located HERE.


   001-042     43-110     111-200      201-300      301-360      361-400