25 March, 2019

AUTHOR'S NOTE - 29 April 2017:

     Little Boy Trump has been in office now for 100 days.  During this time I have built 42 comparative videos.  My work is half-hearted to say the least.  Do I want to continue this project?  Is this how I intend to spend my days researching?  For starters... pornography... whew!  I recommend that everyone spend a month or two just deeply browsing common porn sites.  You can learn an awful lot.  Other than YouTube, porn is the largest, most varied and fastest growing repository of citizen video ever imagined.  Pornography is ubiquitous, endless, persistent, and every bit as dangerous as Trump.  I have researched politics and also pornography before, but never like this.

     I now spend at least as much time watching and listening to daily porn sites as I do to Donny Trump's administration.  It's a double whammy on my head.  Why is porn so pervasive?  There must be many attractions.  (Note: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 )

But let me be clear here, first and foremost, this project is about remembering and resisting Trump's fraudulent administration.

Luckily for me, Trump is the perfect antidote to whatever possible dark eroticism humans find in sexual exploitation.  If only I had access to that “Russian piss tape”... I could end this project now.  

    To wit, our great new technological ability to universally communicate to anyone globally does not apply to certain topics, like Trump and porn... both of these remain TABOO.  (You can be sure that normal access to this site is being suppressed by somebody or something.)  No wonder we're all going to hell in a hand-basket.  We are un-allowed to openly speak of the Devil’s work.  Indeed, while there is clear evidence showing Trump to be a pig, and even though most everyone apparently has watched some porn in 2016, speaking candidly of any “Trump-Porn” conflation remains off-limits, forbidden, NSFW.  

      Floating inside similar hypocrisies, many other important topics can never be fully discussed, whether in social settings, on-line, at home, in the workplace or in the classroom.  These restraints do not hinder me or this project.  I'm going to continue this project and see what happens.  Similarities between Trump and porn are obvious.












Inaugural Dance  (10:30)                10











NRA - LaPierre  (22:20)                 20








Michael Flynn  (16:30)                    30









Jeff Sessions  (9:45)                      40












Press Conference 2  (10:15)            50












Sarah Huckabee  (20:15)                60








Sexual Discrimination  (4:30)           70










Sebastian Gorka  (9:15)                  80











Steve Bannon  (8:00)                       90










Kushner Collusion  (2:50)                100







Press Conference 2  (10:15)           110











Ryan Zinke  (7:15)                          110











Supreme Camera   (2:30)             120













Chronology   (11:15)                      130











Federal Budget   (1:35)                  140










Tripling Down   (6:25)                     150











Trump’s Tower   (2:30)                  160











Key Lawmakers  (3:15)                  170











60 Tentacles  (10:15)                     180











Steve King  (8:00)                           190











Harvey Response  (12:50)             200


AUTHOR’S NOTE -  21 July 2017:

     King Don-John Trump is still President of the United States.  He has been so for six months now.  Here, during this time, I have built 110 videos.  It is hard work and deeply disturbing to say the least.

      I would wager, moreover, that few average-Americans have studied this current administration’s words and deeds through media as closely as I have.   But then, most of you probably watch much more internet porn than TV politics on your personal screens, right?  Yet still, I find few others who are equally concerned or even willing to accept the growing fact that our fragile democracy appears to be spiraling into pornographic political hell.   I must continue this critical experimental work.













The Big Six  (4:30)                        210












Kuwaiti Emir  (5:50)                       220











Mary Fallin  (7:35)                          230











Surrealist Glitch   (1:30)                 240










Russian Guns   (30:00)                  250












Central Scrutinizer   (10:35)            260










Hispanic Heritage   (14:30)             270











Belly of the FDA  (11:35)                280












Heritage Foundation  (26:20)         290











Pete Hoekstra  (6:20)                    300


AUTHOR’S NOTE -  1 September 2017:

     King Don-John Trump is still President of the United States.  He has been so for 224 days.  Here, during this time, I have built 200 videos.  The work is getting harder and even more deeply disturbing.


      I do not know yet where I am going with this project although I am committing to it.  It just keeps growing.  Who knew I would, or could, study so much pornography?  But then, what exactly is “pornography” anymore during this presidency?  How long can I continue this hideous charrette?  Should I continue?  Will it haunt me...forever?

      Yet, I still find few others who are equally concerned or even willing to accept the growing fact that our fragile democracy is spiraling into pornographic political hell.  And so, I must continue this experimental humiliation, for my work is growing less about blame or retribution.  It is more about a growing sickening sanctimony, and developing a critical method for manifesting a comparative response to lethal hypocritical devotion and righteousness... all in hopes of etching new vital boundaries of political sacredness.  Am I the only person willing or able to reciprocate media-Trump’s pornography?  Most likely I am.


AUTHOR’S NOTE -  8 November 2017:

     Today is exactly one year since the 2016 election.  King Don-John Trump has been the fraudulent President of the United States for 291 days.  In this website, during this time, I have built 300 humiliating comparative videos.  The work is not getting easier.  Indeed, this project continues to deeply disturb me -- for the lies, hate and criminality inside this Christianist administration continue to spew. 

      It is clear to me now that this project is about indecency, hypocrisy and reciprocation -- and our responsibility as citizens to call out this Republican Party through equal acts of critical comparison.  Who knew pornographic indecency could afford an appropriate vehicle for accurate media comparison and moral redemption?  Hopefully there may come a day when opposite comparisons are equally employed...when all pornography is no longer accepted and enabled, but instead understood as violent representations of power by some humans against every other human being.  This is the true meaning of ‘mediamonger’, which must also include its enablers: those holding the cameras, pushing the buttons, and profiting off the exploitation.  This is always my project.

      I resist this fraudulent president because his most every word and deed are proven self-serving lies.  I journal his actions here to help clarify and define my own individuality.  It seizes my attention, affords my freedom, enjoins my tolerance, enlarges my perspectives.  It energizes and gives me hope and courage throughout every mediated day.  I do this because to listen and understand, to question and disagree, to treat no proposition as sacred and no objection as impious are the healthy habits of an open mind. 

      Sustaining liberal democracy requires liberally educated people. This much, at least, should not be controversial.  However, for free societies to function, the idea of open-mindedness can’t simply be a catchphrase or a dogma; it needs to be a personal habit.  We must be willing to entertain and understand unpopular ideas while cultivating equally critical responses. 

      Why, you ask?  Because the world is rapidly turning upside down right before our eyes.  Natural polarities are rapidly slipping into newly polarizing binary worlds.  We have falsified accepted common baselines of factuality.  Apostle = Apostate.  Indeed, we now see the righteous GOP regime supporting liars and rapists, electing enemy sympathizers, corrupting education and religion, perverting our country’s Constitution, even eagerly voting to increase deficits!  New methods of understanding and new measures for resistance must be employed.  This is my goal.

      And so I continue this indecent humiliation; even though I remain the only person, to my knowledge, willing or able to ‘read’ these videos as the equal-critical-comparative responses they are.  But then this is the age of protected feelings purchased at the cost of permanent infantilization.  Who among us is grown-up enough to understand television...let alone pornography...let alone Trump?

      Fiction must never be allowed to stand as fact.  For it is how Trump and Dominionists retain their fraudulent power.  Indeed, the rules of the game have changed.  Cameras are guns.  Screens are liars.  And normative ideas about THE-media lead us towards death.  And so I must resist every new crime against Nature, by any means necessary... particularly through critical acts of Symbolic Exchange.












Sam Clovis  (1:00)                          310












Extermination  (3:00)                    320












Corey & Bosse  (7:30)                     330












Space Fever (7:45)                        340










Moral Shame  (8:55)                      350











AUTHOR'S NOTE:  24 January 2018

      The ethnographic portion of this project, below in 400 individual videos, was finalized on 20 January 2018, one full year after its initial launch.  A written accompaniment is located HERE.

                                    de gustibus non est disputandum


AUTHOR'S NOTE:  20 January 2017

      The newest U.S. president is fraudulent.  Donald John Trump is also a liar, racist, tax evader, rapist and killer.  These are proven facts, both in Trump’s recorded words and deeds.  Another example: Trump publicly invited Vladimir Putin to hack American institutions; and indeed, the U.S. was attacked by Russia.  The invasions are also proven facts confirmed by every American intelligence agency.  These attacks regularly occurred throughout the Presidential campaign, on American soil, for the evil purposes of disrupting U.S. democracy.  But to what extent?  Did others cooperate or conspire?  Has it ended?  Without proof that this presidency was legitimately won, the newest U.S. president is fraudulent.  “Period.”

     Today is Inauguration Day.  A fraudulent president has now taken power over the most important country on the planet.  Still, Trump continues to embrace Russia and Putin while evading all investigation into Russia’s cyber invasions.  Trump is not a king and he must comply with all investigations.  In fact, Trump should invite a full investigation; his precious brand and legacy are at stake, as is the future of truth, fairness, and democracy.  So an important question: Why isn’t everyone in this country screaming to high-heaven about this fraudulence?

     Trump both perverts and corrupts, as do his dominionist droogs.   If we wait for others (media, government, neighbors, schools, business, conservative christians) to come to our rescue, we are as delusional as this fake 45th president.  Regardless, until Russia’s participation inside the 2016 election process is fully and publicly exposed -- and then cross referenced with legal tax returns -- Little Donnie Trump’s denialism must be considered shamefully fraudulent and dangerous. 

     Trump cannot be allowed to become King, nor can he be allowed to make or rewrite human history.  Every bit of Trump’s political-minutia happening after the 2016 election remains unconstitutional -- null and void -- until this presidency is officially confirmed to be legitimately won, and that high crimes and misdemeanors were not committed.  Am I the only one who can read a direct line from democracy -- through Trump -- to an evangelistic-plutocratic-dictatorial fundamentalism, leading to war?

     In the meantime, however, my critical research (cameras are guns) posits another possible public course of action: To reciprocally shame media-Trump, because Trump is media-made.  His lust for and manipulation of the apparatus must be reciprocally turned against him.  I try to do this in the videos linked below, because I can still exercise this human right to protest government with critical media, particularly when it is ethically premised.
  Tomorrow, however, these videos could be deemed criminal acts.  Until then, I will continue to represent Trump as a “Brand of Disgrace and Humiliation.”  

      In these visual replies to the hate I see on my home TV screen, I intend to critically humiliate Trump and his Brand for all of digital eternity.  These videos are not entertainment or editorials, rather they are powerful “fatal strategies” of resistance: Symbolic Exchange.  Symbolic Exchange is a gestural-theoretical form of potlatch, for instance multiplying negatives to make a positive, or equating cameras to guns, or demonstrating how Facebook, Twitter and others are themselves the fatal message and not their content.  (To paraphrase McLuhan: The medium continues to be the primary message.)

      This website isn’t meant to be funny, salacious, or alternative propaganda; it is much more serious than that (lingchi).  This website is a public shame pole: Media against media, camera against camera, counter-imaging the last vestiges of historical human dignity lest these politics escalate to gun against gun.  For the rules of the game have fundamentally changed.  Today, mere participation inside media is a dangerous act of complicit sedition against Real, which by Law is also punishable by Death.

      From this day forward, until we learn otherwise, we must shame media-Trump and his hypocritical surrogates one of two ways.  We must either cut them off and look away, or learn to negate their lies by neutralizing and crossing-out their power (sous ratour).  I choose to listen closely to their every word, to study their every action no matter how ugly and cruel.  I denounce their sickening opprobrium with equal force.  I hold them accountable and equate their media existence to the realm of the obscene.  I must vilify, humiliate and shame them all to the digital dustbin of history.  I must never forget.  I offer these video prestations to a feudal fraud.  It is true Critical Media Literacy method.

     Donald J. Trump is not a king.  He remains a fraudulent president.


King Don-John Trump

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