AUTHOR'S NOTE - 29 April 2017:

     Little-Boy Trump has been in office now for 100 days.  During this time I have built 42 comparative videos.  My work is half-hearted to say the least.  Do I want to continue this project?  Is this how I intend to spend my days researching?  For starters... pornography... whew!  I recommend that everyone spend a month or two just deeply browsing common porn sites.  You can learn an awful lot.  Other than YouTube, porn is the largest, most varied and fastest growing repository of citizen video ever imagined.  Pornography is ubiquitous, endless, persistent, and every bit as dangerous as Trump.  I have researched politics and also pornography before, but never like this.

     I now spend at least as much time watching and listening to daily porn sites as I do to Donny Trump's administration.  It's a double whammy on my head.  Why is porn so pervasive?  There must be many attractions.  (Note: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 )

But let me be clear here, first and foremost, this project is about remembering and resisting Trump's fraudulent administration.

Luckily for me, Trump is the perfect antidote to whatever possible dark eroticism humans find in sexual exploitation.  If only I had access to that “Russian piss tape”... I could end this project now.  

    To wit, our great new technological ability to universally communicate to anyone globally does not apply to certain topics, like Trump and porn... both of these remain TABOO.  (You can be sure that normal access to this site is being suppressed by somebody or something.)  No wonder we're all going to hell in a hand-basket.  We are un-allowed to openly speak of the Devil’s work.  Indeed, while there is clear evidence showing Trump to be a pig, and even though most everyone apparently has watched some porn in 2016, speaking candidly of any “Trump-Porn” conflation remains off-limits, forbidden, NSFW.  

      Floating inside similar hypocrisies, many other important topics can never be fully discussed, whether in social settings, on-line, at home, in the workplace or in the classroom.  These restraints do not hinder me or this project.  I'm going to continue this project and see what happens.  Similarities between Trump and porn are obvious.











Press Conference 2  (10:15)            50












Sarah Huckabee  (20:15)                60








Sexual Discrimination  (4:30)           70










Sebastian Gorka  (9:15)                  80











Steve Bannon  (8:00)                       90










Kushner Collusion  (2:50)                100







Press Conference 2  (10:15)           110

                           A written accompaniment is located HERE.


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  The dirty presidency:  A contemporaneous memorialization

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                         A written accompaniment is located HERE.


   001-042     43-110     111-200      201-300      301-360      361-400