Inaugural Dance  (10:30)                10











NRA - LaPierre  (22:20)                 20








Michael Flynn  (16:30)                    30









Jeff Sessions  (9:45)                      40



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An American

resident of Canada, experimenting with surreal forms of critical media ethnography in Cultural Farming.


AUTHOR'S NOTE:  20 January 2017

      The newest U.S. president is fraudulent.  Donald John Trump is also a liar, racist, tax evader, rapist and killer.  These are proven facts, both in Trump’s recorded words and deeds.  Another example: Trump publicly invited Vladimir Putin to hack American institutions; and indeed, the U.S. was attacked by Russia.  The invasions are also proven facts confirmed by every American intelligence agency.  These attacks regularly occurred throughout the Presidential campaign, on American soil, for the evil purposes of disrupting U.S. democracy.  But to what extent?  Did others cooperate or conspire?  Has it ended?  Without proof that this presidency was legitimately won, the newest U.S. president is fraudulent.  “Period.”

     Today is Inauguration Day.  A fraudulent president has now taken power over the most important country on the planet.  Still, Trump continues to embrace Russia and Putin while evading all investigation into Russia’s cyber invasions.  Trump is not a king and he must comply with all investigations.  In fact, Trump should invite a full investigation; his precious brand and legacy are at stake, as is the future of truth, fairness, and democracy.  So an important question: Why isn’t everyone in this country screaming to high-heaven about this fraudulence?

     Trump both perverts and corrupts, as do his dominionist droogs.   If we wait for others (media, government, neighbors, schools, business, conservative christians) to come to our rescue, we are as delusional as this fake 45th president.  Regardless, until Russia’s participation inside the 2016 election process is fully and publicly exposed -- and then cross referenced with legal tax returns -- Little Donnie Trump’s denialism must be considered shamefully fraudulent and dangerous. 

     Trump cannot be allowed to become King, nor can he be allowed to make or rewrite human history.  Every bit of Trump’s political-minutia happening after the 2016 election remains unconstitutional -- null and void -- until this presidency is officially confirmed to be legitimately won, and that high crimes and misdemeanors were not committed.  Am I the only one who can read a direct line from democracy -- through Trump -- to an evangelistic-plutocratic-dictatorial fundamentalism, leading to war?

     In the meantime, however, my critical research (cameras are guns) posits another possible public course of action: To reciprocally shame media-Trump, because Trump is media-made.  His lust for and manipulation of the apparatus must be reciprocally turned against him.  I try to do this in the videos linked below, because I can still exercise this human right to protest government with critical media, particularly when it is ethically premised.
  Tomorrow, however, these videos could be deemed criminal acts.  Until then, I will continue to represent Trump as a “Brand of Disgrace and Humiliation.”  

      In these visual replies to the hate I see on my home TV screen, I intend to critically humiliate Trump and his Brand for all of digital eternity.  These videos are not entertainment or editorials, rather they are powerful “fatal strategies” of resistance: Symbolic Exchange.  Symbolic Exchange is a gestural-theoretical form of potlatch, for instance multiplying negatives to make a positive, or equating cameras to guns, or demonstrating how Facebook, Twitter and others are themselves the fatal message and not user content.  (To paraphrase McLuhan: The medium continues to be the primary message.)

      This website isn’t meant to be funny, salacious, or alternative propaganda; it is much more serious than that (lingchi).  This website is a public shame pole: Media against media, camera against camera, counter-imaging the last vestiges of historical human dignity lest these politics escalate to gun against gun.  For the rules of the game have fundamentally changed.  Today, mere participation inside media is a dangerous act of complicit sedition against Real, which by Law is also punishable by Death.

      From this day forward, until we learn otherwise, we must shame media-Trump and his hypocritical surrogates one of two ways.  We must either cut them off and look away, or learn to negate their lies by neutralizing and crossing-out their power (sous ratour).  I choose to listen closely to their every word, to study their every action no matter how ugly and cruel.  I denounce their sickening opprobrium with equal force.  I hold them accountable and equate their media existence to the realm of the obscene.  I must vilify, humiliate and shame them all to the digital dustbin of history.  I must never forget.  I offer these video prestations to a feudal fraud.  It is true Critical Media Literacy method.

     Donald J. Trump is not a king.  He remains a fraudulent president.


King Don-John Trump

  The dirty presidency:  A contemporaneous memorialization

                                   de gustibus non est disputandum

                         A written accompaniment is located HERE.


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