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Writing about a culture by tracing media practice conjures visions, ghosts, aberrations.  This is certainly true for me.  For what haunts all media communication is not what is communicated, rather it is our unwillingness to see that the very essence of media practice is ill-communication.

And so, it is within this televisual terrain of mechanical reproduction that I re-invoke its spirit voices into critical cultural dissensus.  I proffer primitive video incantations where meaning making fragments at the permeability of boundaries through performances of uncanny and sacred symbolic ritualization: ‘Even signs must burn.’

   Indeed, over my lifetime I wontedly created many television ‘inscriptions,’ and throughout these pages I have appropriated many more still.  Yet once collected, collated, re-membered, re-functioned and theorized, these TV works remain obligated, dually commanded toward the double-bind of public remediation.  In short, the folklore of industrial man must be conjured into potlatch sacrifice once again for challenging the surety of our beloved camera/screen/guns, and their accursed cultural transmogrifications.

Here I contend that greater exchanges of fatal strategies (particularly intellectual montage and allegorical lament) within the figurative landscape of televisual language contributes to social fecundity by means that radically rupture, carnivalize and innervate common media models.  ‘When the doors are barricaded, it is doubly important that thought not be interrupted.‘   Aufhebung!

If you cannot see critical ethnographic surrealism here, then simply consider these electronic carvings to be experimental totems, dangerous ‘shame pole’ gifts from a video witch doctor to inviolable North American media-tribes.  For each video in this project is a maledictive transgression of media banality, purposefully evidenced in these dark corners to help redeem the black magic of communication.