Shahar:  You use a lot of samples.  What is the place of samples in this album and in your music in genral?  What comes first, the music or the sample?

Capsula:  I hold an important place for the speech samples in my music in general, since I am a huge fan of the spoken word.  I love anything from lectures, talks, movie dialogues, etc.  In this album I think I tried to make the listener think about certain subjects, in particular things of a transcendental nature: myth, subconscious, inner experience, memory, psychedelic state and even the art of machine code (0-1).  For me it's both stimulation for the listener to seek more information and also an entertaining sound of the human voice which I adore.

Shahar:  It seems quite obvious from your music that you are a believer in psychedelics.  Care to elaborate on that beyond what the music says.

Capsula:  I think that psychedelics today are being used in two ways. First, the recreational use or the use for entertaining.  And the second type is for self exploration, self realization and for mind expansion beyond the day to day boundaries.  I think that from the two, the second is of the greatest importance and holds many advantages for people all over the world.  From creativity and psychotherapy to post trauma treatment, I think today more than ever it has a potential to benefit our race.

     Like Jay Stevens once said, the symphony of the last hundred years as a grand orchestration of melodies went like this: we are doomed unless a way can be found to speed up evolution, to consciously push the smart monkey to a higher level, to renew the assault on the gods, which was the secret purpose of all religions.  But can we consciously evolve ourselves?  Does a magic trigger exist that is capable of shooting the species forward a few increments?  Psychedelics, like sacraments, are like a mind detergent capable of washing away years of old social programming, a re-imprinting device, a consciousness-expander, tools that would push us up the evolutionary ladder.  Some even claimed they are a gift, given to mankind in order to save the planet from a nuclear finale.

Know That I Know

Capsula  (2009)